E.F.K unit service

Fly control unit service.

Knight Pest Control can supply and fit a range of electric Fly Killing Units for commercial, industrial or even domestic premises that effectively deal with the common problems of flying insects.

There are a number of units on the market, some of the new glue board unit are highly recommended for the food industry, areas like kitchens and front of house, these type units reduce the risk of fly splatter or flies being zapped off the traditional killing grid type unit

The more popular EFK unit,  the type with a killing grid are much more common in all other type areas where there is no food items around.

A regular service normally consist of 4 visits per year, and one of these visits will be a full service, new UV tubes and starters will be fitted.

you may already have units in-place and just require them servicing throughout the year, on average fly control unit UV tubes only last about 12 months, at some point the unit doesn’t  give off sufficient uv Spectrum to draw flying insects in, at this point you are just wasting electricity powering the unit.

Control of flying insects is crucial to all businesses involved in the handling of food stuffs. The risk of contamination from disease causing bacteria is serious, not only to the health of your staff and customers, but directly to your business, because under the Food Hygiene Regulations you are responsible for protecting them with positive actions to minimise the problem.

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